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Prior to 1970

Al Kaplan

Active: 1956-1966
Box 374
Arroyo Hondo, NM 87513 505-776-8853

I was an active hiker and caver,and served as a club officer several semesters. I have lived here on on a small farm in northern New Mexico since 1967 raising children, animals and vegtables. Attended several reunions of people from the '50s-'60s era of what we called UCHC including one here at our place in '96. Hope there will be more. Several other old-timers of that time also reside nearby.

Thanks for the pictures of the Redwood Park hike at the 50th anniversary. I see myself in several of them.

Entry received Jan 2002

Anne Dacey

Bill Noble

Active: 1958 - 1965ish
130 Panorama Drive
Novato CA 94949

We just moved to an affordable senior community in Marin County, California, allowing me to be startled all over again that I have inexplicably become 75. I spent my life leading wilderness and natural history trips, and immersed in environmental education. I married another one of the gang, Dottie Gasser, who farmed with me in Nova Scotia in the 1960s, and created with me two splendid daughters, Sarah and Martha. In the 70s, I joined my fortunes to Cristina Kessler Noble, and two more magical kids appeared, Jennifer (Wren) and Brendan. Tina, married to this ol' guy for 41 years, is now deep in late-stage Alzheimer's, sound asleep on my shoulder. She's at home with me and my beloved partner, Desiree Storch, in our hobbit house at the verge of the bay. I aspire to be a poet (one national poetry prize under my belt) and have written and edited much short fiction. For my 75th, despite a few health challenges, I climbed Mt Tamalpais from sea level and back - 22 miles and 3000 ft. Take that, geezerhood! Keep hiking, dear friends.

Entry received Jan 2014

Cathy Aley

—See Tom Aley

Dave Rottman

Active: Late 1950s - early 1960s
No computer, contact via

Rock climbing, building and bridge climbing, steam tunneling, caving, and much more! Here's a letter from Dave to John Fiske. See also "Remembrances from Dave Rottman" in the Assorted History section of this website.

Entry Received October 2010

Helen McGinnis

Active: Late 1950s-1960s
PO Box 300
Harman, WV 26270

Entry received June 2010

James Fahs

Active: Sept 1956 to June 1958

I returned to the east coast after leaving Berkeley. I am now retired in Northern Virginia (Washington, D.C. suburb) and enjoying it. I am beyond the beltway by several miles and not involved in the chaos in the capital of the free world.

Entry received August 1998
Deceased 2005

Jerry Smith

Active: 1949-1953

Jim Baldridge

Active: 1960s

Jim is retired on 16 acres north of College, Alaska.

Entry received Sept 2010

John Fiske

Active: 1957 to 1961
650 342-8056

Rock climbing, mountaineering, ski touring, backpacking and hijinks. Air Force for 5 years following graduation in physics. Returned to UC Berkeley in 1968, married Jean (very smart move!), gave up technical rock climbing, and almost completed a PhD in forestry. Had a career in reforestation and related silvicultural practices with the USDA Forest Service in California, retiring in 2002. Two children: Will, now 31, is a lawyer in Walnut Creek; Laurel, now 29, is a supervisory lab tech working in drug medical research in San Francisco. We live in Burlingame, CA, and I volunteer-teach science in local public schools and am active in amateur astronomy. We still hike and backpack, but more slowly, not as far, and for shorter periods.

Entry received July 2010

John Fitz

See: Miriam Berg

Kay Hershey Loughman

Active: 1959-66

Active: 1959-66, caving, hiking, backpacking, folkdancing. Organized a couple of progressive dinners and co-led at least one high trip.

Now: Still living in Berkeley. Retired in 1994 after working thirty years for UC Library system. Primarily involved with documenting the natural history of Claremont Canyon. Other main interest is bird watching.

Updated entry received July 2010

Keith Howard

Active: 1958-1962
Belmont, CA

The Hiking Club changed my life. The love of outdoors and nature that came with formative years in UCHC led to lifelong patterns. After grad work at Yale I started off a career in geology at the U.S. Geological Survey, a gig that has taken me from Galápagos to Molokai, from training Apollo astronauts to a Fulbright at Cambridge U., from Bolivia to Scotland, Greek Islands, Pyrenees, and Madagascar, from initiating the agency’s climate research program in the 70s, to getting laid off temporarily in the 90s after questioning the science done for a prospective nuclear waste dump. Years of field work in the California-Arizona deserts, lower Colorado River, and Nevada mountains continue to expand in my USGS now-Emeritus years -- can’t help myself from active research wandering the hills. Linda, my wife of 15 years, likes to travel too, so we manage many trips together, and also enjoy 3 grandkids. Daughter Crystal, a prosecutor, has great allegiance to her undergrad campus—yes, Berkeley.

Entry received October 2010

Larry Epperson
Tish Reams Epperson

Active: 1958-1960
Newport, OR

I joined the Hiking Club in 1958. learned the basics of rock climbing and backpacking. I really enjoyed the Friday night folk dances in Senior Mens Hall. I met Tish there in 1960, and we were married a year later. We have lived mostly in the Northwest, Stevens Pass, Leavenworth. Now we are on the Oregon coast. We would enjoy seeing any old friends.

Larry and Tish Epperson
654 NW Nye Street
Newport, Oregon 97369

Entry received April 2013

Minard "Pete" Hall

Late 50s–early 60s

Pete is with the Instituto Geofisico, Escuela Politecnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador. Check out the action here:

Entry received June 2010

Miriam Berg (known then as John Fitz)

Active: ~1957-1964

noon gatherings in Room C in old Eshleman Hall were my favorite activity while attending the University though i also went on many hiking trips and snow trips (Peter Grubb Hut, yay!)
i began teaching folkdancing in Senior Men's Hall on campus in 1961, asked to by Larry Hawley
and was a participant in the Midnight Special on KPFA hosted by Gert Chiarito from 1961 to 1965
and an organizer of and participant in the Teton Tea Parties around Berkeley from 1961 to about 1985
meeting in people's homes and apartments from 11 pm to about 5 am (yes, 11 at night till 5 in the morning)
started by Bill Briggs in the Teton Mountains and carried on in Berkeley by Charlie "Brown" Artman
i was president of the club in 1961 and Bear Track editor in 1962-63 (about)
snow-tripper in the 1960s and high-tripper in 1964 to Kings Canyon National Park

What am i up to nowadays: i am retired after 46 years as a computer programmer
(i took my first programming class at Berkeley in 1960)
i spent my first 7 programming years with the State of California Public Health department,
4 more in University Hall as an information retrieval and assembly language expert,
freelanced for several years on many different programming jobs,
tried to start (with others) a software company beginning in about 1979 which folded in about 1984,
and then fell into the job of fiscal manager (aka chief financial officer) at a Berkeley nonprofit organization where i spent 25 years until i retired
i'm still programming, maintaining my own and others' websites, seeing my children and grandchildren,
playing the piano and guitar and occasionally the string bass and tuba,
reading, writing, and doing arithmetic and number theory,
and being active in the Berkeley Friends Meeting (Quakers)
i'm living in a housing development right next to the Berkeley Hills and can just go out my back door and up the hill on the fire trails as far as i can

Entry received January 2016

Peter Scott

Active: 1951-1955/1957-1961 (approx)

I was a club member from 1951 or 1952 to 1955 and then again 1957-61 (approximately) when i was a graduate student in physics, was club president in 1953 and led high trips in 1953 and i think 1957, both in northern yosemite. the club was my most lasting berkeley experience, stimulating over 30 years of continuing interest in our natural environment, which fits well with teaching physics, which is what i have been doing since leaving berkeley, since 1966 here at uc santa cruz. i "retired" in 1994, but still teach about one course per year.

Entry created from e-mail Oct 1998

Priscilla Chapman Frisch

Active: 1964-1966 (approx)
Web Page:

I was treasurer one year, and president the next, of the UCHC sometime between 1964 and1966, but by now I've forgotten which years.

Entry created from e-mail August 1998

Ray Lucas

Tish Reams Epperson

See: Larry Epperson

Tom and Cathy Aley

Active: Late 1950s-1960s
Protem, MO

June 2010

1970 and Later

Alan Crowley

Active: 1990-ish

Ben Kavanagh

Bill Krause

Active: 1990-1993
Boulder, CO
please remove the two X's to use the above address.

I've settled in Boulder, and I still enjoy the mountains often. Hope all my old friends are enjoying life! Drop a line...

Entry received February 2003

Bo "BOOOO" Pettersson

Active: 1996-1997
S:t Petri Kyrkogata 8
222 21 Lund
+46-46-14 32 69
+46-46-25 21 65 (parents - who sometimes know what I'm up to)

I'm right now (spring 98) studying double course load, finishing up my thesis, working for the carneval (be there 22-24 May!) and partying. All this will lead to me becoming an engineer (MS EE) this summer, hopefully, at last, after 8 years...

Then you will hopefully find me in Switzerland where the mountains are sharp and the snow is soft :) Feel free to drop in wherever I am!

Entry received Jan 1998

Bob Akka

Active: 1977-1985
president around 1979ish
bob[current 4-digit year]

A little while after Cal, I went and got an MS in Computer Science. I still stay as active as I can doing outdoors stuff, though having a toddler is putting a pretty big dent in that lately. For a while there I got involved with UCSF's Outdoors Unlimited and its skiing spin-off SnowNet (both of which have since floundered). I live with my wife and son in Marin (but looking to move to the SF peninsula), and these days I'm working for Yahoo.

Entry received July 2010

Chris Jain

1993ish to 1997
San Diego

After completing his law degree at UCLA, Chris came back to Berkeley, did a lot of climbing, left to work in San Diego, and now may make his home back here in the Bay Area.

Entry updated by Nola Mike Sept 1998

Christopher Paulicka

Coy (Don) Christensen (Chanders)

Lafayette, CO

I'm still having a great time in Boulder, Colorado with my wife, Kiki, and our daughter, Jasey [and now daughter #2 Tegan —Mike]. We live in a Co-housing community called Nyland and I still work as a C++ programmer.

Note from Nola Mike: After moving to Colorado, Coy started the Colorado Hiking and Outdoor Society (also CHAOS), so CHAOS is now inter-state. He is now starting up "CHAOS Junior" which is a family version of CHAOS.

Entry updated February 2003

Dave Chalfant ("Desolation Dave")

Active: 1986-ish to 1990-ish
Austin, TX

After working for several years at a forestry consulting firm in Ukiah, Dave moved to Seattle to pursue computer programming, and now resides in Texas.

Entry updated by Nola Mike Oct 4 2016

David Hill

Active: 1993 to 1997

David and Kendra Sharp got lost in the east coast wilderness for about 10 years, but returned to the west coast in 2010 as faculty at Oregon State University. They return to CA now and then to backpack with their three girls in the Sierra and also spend time exploring the Oregon and Washington Cascades.

Entry submitted by David October 2016

David Johnson (aka "English Dave")

Active: 1993 to present
1419 Berkeley
Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 848-1348

I'm still living in Berkeley, but have moved from the old apartment I shared with Krste/Ed for many years. I now live in a house with a transient set of room mates - Henry Van Horik, Andrea Dose, Ayako Nagano, two dogs, a rabbit and many just about-to-decease fish all pass through at different times! The portable hot tub still works but it's not traveled far beyond my yard for a while. Don't hike enough and work on the the house far too much, but still look forward to restarting the Thanksgiving in Death Valley tradition.

Sept 2002

David Jones

Active: 1992-1998


Neva Phair

Active: 1994-1998

Currently residing in: Boulder, Colorado

After leaving the Bay Area in 1998, we spent four damp years in Portland, OR, while Neva did her medical residency in OB/GYN. I taught math for one year and wrote software for 2.5. During that time we did a fair bit of hiking in the rain forests and some skiing too. We were also acquired by a cat named Tuolumne (named after the river and meadows).

Last year (2002), we had our first child — a girl named Risa Phair Jones — and moved to Boulder. Neva is working for the Denver Kaiser OB/GYN group, and I am still writing software. Despite a silly climbing accident (I broke the Talus bone in my left foot while bouldering), we still do a lot of hiking and we're looking forward to taking Risa on some CHAOS Junior trips (see Coy Chanders' entry).

Entry received June 1998, updated October 2003

David Thomas (A.K.A. "Dessert Dave", "Toxic Dave", "Cave Dave")

Active: 1979; more actively during 1990-96

David Thomas
Dr. Kristin Mitchell
Peninsula Internal Medicine
247 Fireweed, Suite A
Soldotna, Alaska 99669

Home phone: 907-283-4109


In 1997, Kristin Mitchell and I were married on a beach on Tomales Bay, 8 miles from where we on a CHAOS Gourmet Trip at Wildcat Camp in Point Reyes. After her 3-year residency in Seattle, we moved to the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Kristin joined a private internal medicine practice and I built our house ( for photos) on 13 acres of spruce forest on Cook Inlet. 700 feet of sandy beach and views of 3 glaciated volcanic peaks across the water await any visitors who want to camp out. We could even give you a heated room in the winter. Note that the Kenai Peninsula has spectacular mountains, glaciers, trout lakes, salmon rivers, fjords, great kayaking, hiking, skiing, dog sledding, etc - hint, hint. I continue to do environmental engineering and have gotten to travel to some obscure corners of the state to clean-up toxic waste sites. Our big activities up here are sea kayaking, lake/river canoeing, and hiking/backpacking in the summer. And X-C skiing, mushing with friend's sled dogs, and kayaking in neoprene in the winter. I am slowing learning from the locals how to kill and eat the wildlife, or at least the salmon, clams, and crabs. Our son, Drake, was born March 1, 2000 and is quite the traveler. In his first year, he has visited 5 countries, 10 states, and flown over 50,000 miles. Our trips clearly have not slowed down since parenthood. I'm still an avid road warrior with the silly goal of getting to all 3082 counties in the U.S. To date, I've been to 1305 including all within 1080 miles of Berkeley or Seattle. So wherever you are, I may be driving by sometime.

Entry updated January 2001

Diane Hirshberg (a.k.a. full moon goddess)

Active: 1999-2002

I'm now part of the CHAOS - Alaska contingent. There are three of us - Dave Thomas, Stacey Cooper and me! Maybe the "Cal Hiking Alaskan Outdoor Society"?

I'm faculty at the University of Alaska Anchorage in the Institute of Social and Economic Research and the College of Education, and I'm playing whenever possible - kayaking, biking, hiking and sometimes just staring at the incredibly gorgeous mountains and inlet. We'll see how I do on x-country skis.

Entry received October 2003

Dianne Coleman

—See Marcus Cole

Ethan Mandelkern

Active 1987 to early 90s
Mt. Shasta, CA

As of 2010 I have been living and working in Mt Shasta, CA for over 3 years. There are 3 stop lights in this town. I am working as a master's level mental health therapist at Siskiyou County Behavioral Health Services in these extreme northern reaches of California. Every day I get to look up at the 14,000+ ft peak of Mt Shasta. A half hour drive from my house puts me above 7000 ft on the mountain.

Memories of the group: Numerous trips to Sykes hot springs, take a left at the Big Sur coast and walk 12 miles. Pumpkins in the strangest places all over campus on Halloween. 13,000+ ft. with crampons and ice axe on Mt. Shasta, Dave Chalfant leading the way. Packed meetings with people crammed in and spilling out into next room. Pizza at Kips after the meeting. A very very cold Hetch Hetchy trip. Bicycling thousands of feet down the White Mtns (after driving up). Winter at Tahoe at the cabin. Ultimate Frisbee on Fridays. Tracy's family's house boat. A few of us skiing into the backcountry and camping and having fun somewhere in the Sierra building and sleeping in snow caves until "Electro" had to lead us out early when a storm brought in white out conditions. Wondering if one of the cars in the convoy going out on a trip would ever not get lost.

I also made a couple excursions into winter backcountry with Chris V. including an assent of Lassen in the middle of winter(with half an igloo built at base camp) and a trip to Harbin with Sara. When Chris V., Sara, Electro, Astro, Bio, Rex, Dave, Steve J, Sean and anyone else visit the site, send me a message.

Entry updated April 2010

Glenn McElhoe

Active: 1990-ish

In November of 1999, Lili and I welcomed a new little daughter, Nicole into the world!

Entry received Dec 1999

Ilil Carmi

Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology
Abteilung IV
Spemannstrasse 35
D-72076 Tuebingen, GERMANY

I am currently doing a postdoc in Germany.

Entry received Apr 1999

Ilja Bedner

Active: 1990-ish

Jennifer Horsman

Active: 1991-1993
Fort Collins, Colorado

Entry received February 2005

Jessica Stoffers

Karel Janda

Active: 1994-95
Department of Economics, University of Iowa

When I left Berkeley, I spent a few years hiking and mountaneering in Europe and Asia and playing with Game Theory in Prague, Czech Republic. Now I am in Iowa and I just envy Toxic Dave his Alaska or Climbing Dave his Cascades or English Dave his Berkeley.

Entry received Dec 1998

Karl Olsen

Active: 1993-1994
163 4th Avenue
Salt Lake City, Utah 84103

I'm in my 3rd year of law school at the University of Utah, watching the clock, waiting to get out, and finding ways to avoid schoolwork by biking and skiing in the Wasatch Mountains, and spending as much time as possible in southern Utah. I live near downtown Salt Lake, in City Creek Canyon. (They call everything here that remotely resembles a ravine a "canyon.") And no, I haven't converted.

Entry received September 1997

Katy Lewis Aalto

Active: 1989-1992
home phone: 360-794-4477


Rolf Aalto

Active: 1988-1992
home phone: 360-794-4477
work phone: 206-685-7981

At the Strawberry Music Festival outside Yosemite Nat'l Park over this Labor Day, Rolf and I serendipitously ran into Mark Fiedler and his lovely new wife Jessica. All four of us were members of the Hiking Club about the same time, and they informed us of the 50th anniversary of the club. Unfortunately, the timing of the reunion doesn't work for us, so we will have to miss the upcoming festivities!

Rolf and I met in the Hiking Club in March 1989 and have been hiking buddies since the April 1989 Lost Coast Trip. We graduated in 1992 and moved to Seattle where Rolf is now finishing his Ph.D. in geomorphology at the University of Washington and just returned from a month of fieldwork in Bolivia. I got a Masters in creative writing (nonfiction) and especially enjoyed teaching "American Literature of Nature and Place."

We bought a run-down farm six years ago and have spent a good deal of our time building fences, sanding floors, painting, roofing, and planting trees. Goats once lived in our farmhouse, but now it shines with domestic tranquility... There is also a creek (creeks here are small rivers) and we have a beautiful view of the jagged Cascade Mountains. We also have a nine month-old son named August. We LOVE the Pacific Northwest and would like to stay here after Rolf finishes since there is so much to do in the mountains and on the water.

We'd love to hear from anyone from our era!

—Kathryn Aalto

Entry received September 1998

Rolf and I ran into old Hiking Club folks from the 1989-1992 era at the Spring 2001 Strawberry Music Festival: Robo Mark, his wife Jessica and their chubby son as well as Katy Vogel, her husband, and their young son. As for our family, it's growing — our son, August Riordan, was born in December 1997 and daughter, Tess Elizabeth, was born in March 2000. I teach research paper writing and other courses at Everett Community College on a very part-time basis. Rolf is now "Dr. Mud," having just completed nine years of work in geology at the University of Washington.

March 2002

Kees Meyboom

In club from September '91 to May '92
Email address:
Home address:
Dikkeboomweg 15
6542 RJ Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Phone number: +31 24 3294877

After I left Berkeley to travel around Mexico, Guatemala and Belize I ended in Boston with Megan, Matthew and Glenn. From there I went back to The Netherlands and graduated. After a few short odd jobs, one to teach Genetics at the university in Wageningen I had to join the army.

This did not turn out to be the disaster I assumed it would be. In fact I had a very good time. They made me an officer (not a gentleman, that I was already :-)) in intelligence, which made things more interesting. The army asked me to stay for another 10 months. I accepted because it was fun and because they would pay me quite a lot of money. This money came in handy for the next paragraph.

In January '95 I left the army and decided to go travel around the world on a motorcycle. Which I did. There was roaming the streets of Odessa with a ukrainian bike-gang, swimming in the Volga in Russia, getting stuck in the dessert in Kazachstan, escaping war in Afghanistan(only just), spending the night with Khomeiny in Iran, duckhunting with a prince in Pakistan, spending Christmas with mother Theresa in India, getting shot at in Bangladesh, crossing the bridge over the river Kwai in Thailand, a crash in Malaysia, love in Indonesia and visiting friends in the USA.

Luckily my girlfriend Annet (who visited me in Indonesia, hence the love) was still waiting for me when I came back. I settled in Nijmegen, where she lives as well. Since I assumed it would be hard to find work in Biology after leaving the subject for so long I decided to make a switch to IT (Information Technology). Now I am working for a company which is educating me in software called SAP and logistics (we are taking APICS exams). For this company I am working at the tax department of the government, trying to implement this SAP software.

Hopefully I will be able to come to the States sometimes soon to see everybody again.

Update: Imke Meyboom was born on october 7, 2003. She is, of course, the most beautiful girl in the world.

Entry received March 1997; updated October 2003

Kristin Mitchell

—See Dave Thomas

Kurt Vogel

Active: 1990-ish

Lloyd Connelly

Active: 1993-ish

Marcus Cole


Dianne Coleman

Active: 1989-1991/1993
Denver, CO

Hi All,
We've recently moved to the D.C. area, a far cry from Dave Thomas' recent move. Wow, Alaska!!! Marcus is working for NOAA in Silver Spring, MD. I'm doing PeopleSoft with Andersen Consulting, working in various states in the flat part of the country. On the weekends, we're mountain biking and taking advantage of the fun aspects of city life (sitting on the beltway in gridlock isn't one of the fun aspects). We plan to move back to Denver in a year plus a few months. We miss the mountains already!

Entry created by Nola Mike July 1997, updated Sept '97 & August '98

Update August 2000:
Marcus and I are now living in Denver, Colorado in a old Victorian house just east of downtown. We finally got married on July 12, 2000 in Helsinki, Finland. After the brief 3 minute ceremony we hopped on the tandem and headed to the North Cape in Norway. Please drop by Colorado anytime. We still bicycle, ski and hike often.

Update: Marcus and Dianne became the proud parents of Astrid in October 2001.

Mark Fiedler

—See Katy Lewis Aalto

Mark Lakata

Active: 1993-1998
Mountain View CA

I moved away from the bay area in 1998, then moved back a few months later and have lived in Mountain View since then. I've got a wife and 2 kids, and have started a new career in biosciences.

Entry received June 2014

Marty Isaacson

Active: 1989 thru 1992
1545 Kendall Dr.
Boulder CO 80303

Moved out to Boulder in the summer of 94 and have been enjoying this great state every since. Winter is filled with back country skiing and summers with kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

Entry received August 1997

Mike "Astro" Brown

Active: 1988-1994
MS 150-21 Caltech
Pasadena, CA 91125

I'm a professor of planetary astronomy at Caltech and live with Liz in a cabin in the Angeles National Forest (take a trail downstream from a National Forest parking lot to get there. More bears than people as neighbors.)

Entry received March 1997

Mike "Bio" Childress

Active: 1985ish-1990ish
Department of Biology
Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97202-8199
(503) 771-1112 ext 7637 (phone)

Bio starts as a professor at Reed College in Portland in August, where the Cascades are waiting for exploration. His wife and dog plan to join him as soon as they can figure out the logistics...

Entry composed from e-mail received March 1997

Mike "Nola" May

Active: 1988-1998
San Pablo, CA

After graduating from UCB with a BA in 1990, I returned to UCB as a Geography graduate student in 1993, graduating in 1999. Now I work as a home/business computer consultant. I got married to my girlfriend Kathy in June of 96. Life is busy (see updates below), but I get out to the mountains, desert or river when I can.

Entry created July 1997

Update Dec 2002: Proud father of Peter, born April 1999. We've been on a few good backpacks, the best so far being an off-trail trip up West Cherry Creek with Steve Jones and other friends.

Update April 2010: Proud father of Kelly, born Dec 2008.

In August of 2016, I finally made a journey 20 years in the dreaming: the John Muir Trail. I started from Tuolumne Meadows and hiked to Mt. Whitney. With side trips, it was 225 miles over 19 days.

"Mystery" Mike Sarmiento

Active: 1995-1996
2741 Geary Blvd #A
San Francisco, CA 94118
415-923-9239 (H)

Mike helped start up and is now El Presidente of a CHAOS alum group in San Francisco and called CONFUSED (Commonwealth Of Nature Fanatics - Unofficial San Francisco Excursion Division). The group started in December 1996 and Mike hasn't been seen since. Confused has grown to over 100 members so we know why Mike disappeared. For info on the club, activities and list serv subscription, check out their web page.

Rumors have it that Mike broke his rule of not dating anyone in any outdoor club of which he was a member. Angela and Mike started dating in April 97 and now we know the real reason for his disappearance.

Mike continues to work at World Wrapps in SF as their accounting manager and still invites everyone in the outdoor club(s) to his restaurant opening parties. Mike also continues to climb, bike, run, backpack, fly fish, scuba and mountaineer. He just started learning aid climbing and hopes to do his first big wall within the next year. He also stays active in teaching beginners how to rock climb, backpack, fly fish, snow camp and mountaineer. Fortunately, with the disappearance of Mike, traffic on the CHAOS list serv is down to a reasonable level!

Entry received August 1997 Confused URL fixed 2010

Murray Thomson

3 Easson Ave
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M6S-3W6

I am now a prof at the University of Toronto but still make time for hiking, ski touring and camping.

Entry received August 1997

Neva Phair

—See David Jones

Rex Frobenius

Active: 1985-1991

I am currently working and living in the South Bay. I was the first King of the Hiking Club, until a violent uprising forced me to step down. People think that Democracy is safe, but . . .

Entry received August 1997

Rob Broekhuis (Where's Waldo)

Active: 1994-1995 (during King Dave's reign)

After Berkeley and Chaos, and moving to Allentown PA, joining the Allentown Hiking Club was a bit of a culture shock. Trips planned months in advance, no moonlight hikes, and certainly no Gourmet Trips or Pumpkineering. No caves or climbing of much interest, either, but the more rugged areas of PA are worthwhile.
Right now, with 3 kids 3 and under, not much time for any kind of hiking. I can't wait till my boys get old enough!

Entry received August 2003

Rolf Aalto

—See Katy Aalto

Sandy Wisch (now Sandy Felt)

Active 1987-1991
Washington, DC

After Berkeley I got my Master’s degree at Stanford in Computer Science and then followed my husband Eric (who is active duty Air Force) to the panhandle of Florida (Eglin AFB), the Mojave Desert (Edwards AFB), and Washington, DC (the Pentagon). We have three daughters (5, 7, and 9), and in keeping with my CHAOS roots I started the Girl Scouting program at their elementary school a few years back! This year they are each in a different troop level – Daisy, Brownie, and Junior – fortunately I have recruited a few other people to help out. I’ve enjoyed working with kids so much, last year I made a career shift from computer programmer to math teacher. Working in the DC public schools has been an adventure, a lot of the time it’s like being dragged behind a boat after failing to get up on your waterskis, but I haven’t given up yet. This year I’m at a much better school, so I actually have a chance of success! :-)

Entry received September 2008

Sara Duckler (Millet)

Sean Eagan

Steve Jones

Active: 1990ish to present
East Bay

Steve works in Richmond, and still does assorted things with CHAOS and Cal Adventures from time to time.

Entry created by Nola Mike July 1997

Thad Edens

Active: 1992ish to 1995ish

Thad is going to graduate school at UC Davis to study mathematics. We'll pick him up on the way to the mountains...

Entry updated by Nola Mike Jan 1998

Thomas Doerr

Active: 1991-1993
2227 Canyon Blvd. #155
Boulder CO 80302

After graduating, I biked around Europe and worked in Germany a bit. In late 1994 I moved to beautiful Boulder and have been teaching my beautiful daughters, Sophia & Charissa, to ski, crashing mountain bikes with friends from the Colorado CHAOS, started my own green architecture firm, teach design occasionally, and am still dabbling in environmental politics.

Entry updated March 2002

Thomas Slatis

Active: 1997

After a stint at UCB for my Master's degree, I have relocated via Finland to Hanoi, Viet Nam, where I have been working for the last two years. Reached the summit of mount Fan Si Pan on Christmas Day morning in 2000, and it's not completely excluded that any further sightings of blond hair in these subtropical forest wouldn't be me.

Nov 2002

Tracy Matfin

In club 1990ish
Santa Cruz

I'm a high school science teacher, in North Monterey County, living in Santa Cruz. I own a home in Santa Cruz, a block and a half from the beach no less and spend my weekends hiking, biking, and introducing young minds to the wonders of the wilderness via our high school's wilderness adventures club. What else would you expect an old CHAOSer to do?

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QT "Tuan" Luong

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I have been living continuously in the Bay Area since Berkeley, moving down to Menlo Park, and then San Jose. I am not doing any hard core climbing or mountaineering any more, but I am still active in the outdoors - although our two children, born 2004 and 2005, have definitively slowed us down.

In 2002, I completed a project to photograph all the 58 US National Parks that I embarked on after being so inspired by my visits to Yosemite and Death Valley with CHAOS in 2003. After almost 20 years (including grad school) in the field of Artificial Intelligence, I felt it was time for a change, so I have left my scientific career to pursue photography full time.

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Vikram Gupta

Active: 1992-1996
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Viv Kendon

2002 (Oct-Dec)
Imperial College London
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Only a short spell in the club, but have long known other (ex-)members (e.g., Diane Hirshberg). Thought I'd put an entry here so those who know me who are stopping through London can get in touch! I do quantum computing (the excuse that brought me to MSRI in Berkeley for those three months).

Dec 2002